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GnarlyOcelot and chatroom citation standards

“GnarlyOcelot” (GO) is the handle of a Christian epologist, primarily hanging around the CARM chat room. I also go there to mis-spend my productive hours. There, Atheists and Christians cross swords about all sorts of issues, from philosophical arcana, to… continue reading »

Winteryknight doesn't love me

Winteryknight is one of the defenders of the conservative Christian faith (faiths?). But he doesn’t want to talk with a heathen like me! All comments on his blog are moderated. Some seem to have found him naughtily editing their remarks.… continue reading »

When not to argue on the internet

Browser beware The internet is a dangerous place. Not, as commonly imagined, in the dark underbelly of porn and software piracy, but in the vast bulk of information available. One can drown in the oceans of words, with little remaining… continue reading »

Christopher Weaver, the ethics of gay sex, and impotent legal threats

The story so far… Christopher Weaver is a philosophy Ph. D student at Rutgers. On the internet, however, he has several advanced degrees in internet hooliganism. Whether it’s ripple-firing alts at blogs he doesn’t like, arrant sock-puppetry, or getting banned… continue reading »

Common Sense for Common Sense Atheism: don't make a 'Sexy Scientist' list

Luke Muehlhauser, over at Common Sense Atheism has gotten himself mired in moral opprobrium for constructing a list of sexy scientists. It’s provoked hundreds of comments on his blog, and Pharyngula weighed in too with hundreds more. Luke has said… continue reading »