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Who was right in the BMA strike?

Yesterday was the day of strike action by doctors about their pension deal. It had been previously renegotiated 4 years ago, and the government wanted to do it again. The deal involved doctors working longer and getting less, so they… continue reading »

Free speech and Cambridge Defends Education

Cambridge Defend Education (CDE) prevented David Willetts from speaking at Lady Mitchell Hall last Tuesday, as you’re probably all aware. There’s a variety of issues around this: about whether this behaviour ‘harms the cause’ against the governments plan by giving… continue reading »

If you’re from private school, you probably don’t deserve to be here

[I now blog for Varsity (“behold my cyberonanism, ye mighty, and despair!”) So I’ll be shamelessly cross-posting back and forth as I see fit.] If you’re either privately educated or middle class, you probably didn’t get into Oxbridge on merit.… continue reading »

A serial killer agrees with you, therefore you’re wrong

The recent news has been dominated by the murder of 96 innocent people in Norway by one Anders Breivik. Depressingly, much of the coverage in the blogosphere has been about what Breivik believes: or, more accurately, why he’s similar to… continue reading »

Ken Clarke and Rape

The justice secretary, Kenneth Clarke, walked into a media firestorm with his comments on rape. Most of the media, although reporting a couple of words of what he said (or what others have said about what he said) neglect to… continue reading »

The Big Society: An idea so good, we have to force academics to study it

[EDIT 2011/4/1]. Although not intended as an april fool, it turns out the Observer was talking rubbish when reporting this story. See here. See here Assuming this is not an evil piece of liberal bias, this is both in principle… continue reading »

If you’re from private school, you probably don’t deserve to be here

[A bit of class warfare that alas didn’t make the cut for an august student publication. I wonder why?] Most Cambridge students take themselves to have earned their places here. Unfortunately, if you’re privately educated, that’s probably false. Instead of… continue reading »

On becoming pro-palestinian

See here There’s lots of stuff going around about the recent leaked memos of the negotiation between Palestinians and Israelis. Much is being made of the Palestinian authority betraying their mandate to their electorate by behaving in a humiliating manner… continue reading »

Student fees, broken promises, and the Liberal Democrats

Later today, there will be a vote on reforming the how higher education in the UK is paid for. The headline fact is that the cap on fees to be paid by students post-graduation will be increased. Yet the Liberal… continue reading »

Homosexuality, civility, and contempt

How should those who support gay rights act towards those who oppose them? A recent case study: the Manhattan declaration, a modern-day declaration of Christian conscience, states, amongst other things, that homosexuality is a disorder, and that gay sexual relationships… continue reading »

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