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God, Evil, and Appearances: A Dialogue

[Published in THINK (2013; issue 12, pp 9-23)] ADAM: Consider this: Neil and Kazumi Puttick, and their son Sam were, by all accounts, an idyllic family. One friend said: ‘If you could bottle up a perfect marriage, theirs would be… continue reading »

Why is the universe rational?

Third in series “20 Atheist answers to questions they supposedly can’t” 3. Why is the universe rational? Short answer: Why shouldn’t it be? Why does God make us think it should be? Long answer: The argument implied by this question… continue reading »

What explains the fine tuning of the universe?

Second in series “20 Atheist answers to questions they supposedly can’t” 2. What explains the fine tuning of the universe? Short answer: There’s no rigorous way to define fine tuning that’s hospitable to a fine tuning argument. Even if there… continue reading »

What caused the Universe?

First in series “20 Atheist answers to questions they supposedly can’t” 1. What caused the universe to exist? Short answer: Dunno. But God isn’t any better an explanation. Longer answer: My understanding of early universe cosmology is limited, but we… continue reading »

An easy (and therefore, probably wrong) rebuttal to the Ontological argument

Modern (Modal) forms of the ontological argument go something like this (modal moves in brackets). Possibly, God exists (?G) If God exists, necessarily God exists (G ? ?G) Possibly Necessarily God exists (??G, From [1] and [2]) Necessarily God exists… continue reading »

For ASC/DoP Peeps: The Problem of Evil

I’m giving a talk at the Amoral Sciences Club in about 30 mins, and using it for Doctors of Philosophy a little later. So here’s the stuff (Enjoy life!) Problem of Evil on Prezi Evil is can be problematic in… continue reading »

Evil and Appearance: A dialogue

[Reposted from here, cos it is some of my best work (although I’d want to rewrite most of it). That may say more about what I generally write than the quality of this example.] Preliminaries Beatrice:            What do you think… continue reading »

Stephen Law vs. William Lane Craig Debate: Argument map

As usual, there’s lots of debate over who won the Law/Craig debate. Instead of joining that, I though I’d do something niftier: I’ve mapped the whole of the debate in argument form, to give a more intuitive way of seeing… continue reading »

Why Apologetics Sucks

This essay shows three things. 1) Apologetics is irrational. 2) All apologists are irrational. 3) Reasonable people should not take Apologists seriously. Why Apologetics is irrational Suppose there is some controversial issue. Also suppose you have a particular view on… continue reading »

Not "God isn't nice", but "God isn't": Misconceptions around the Problem of Evil

There is a common misconception in discussions surrounding evil and God: that when presenting the argument from evil, the conclusion sought is that God is failing to live up to his moral responsibilities – that God isn’t very nice. Yet… continue reading »