I’m Gregory Lewis. I work as a junior doctor in and around Oxford. I used to have wide-ranging interests (if not, sadly, aptitudes): philosophy (particularly epistemology, philosophy of religion, and normative and applied ethics), creative writing, bits of intellectual history, and – most importantly – effective altruism. Medicine has steadily metastasised across my life, but this website stores my occasional remissions. Enjoy life!


Obligatory disclaimers…

In cases where I write about my own experiences as a doctor, I will have omitted, fictionalized, altered, or anonymized details so that patients and other members of staff cannot be identified. Nothing I write here is intended nor should be construed as medical advice. I write in a personal capacity only.


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  1. Obviously, the only way to be notified about new posts is to leave a comment.

    So be it:

    “Hi Greg, how ya doin? :D”

    Peace, Jan (we met at the EA global in Oxford)

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